Open Transportation

Hanover Transport believes in complete customer satisfaction. This means that we will pick up your car and deliver your car directly to your door.

car shipping

Enclosed Transportation

Excellent to protect your collector car, classic car, or auction vehicle transport. If you want complete piece of mind, then our enclosed transport is right for you.

Dealer Solutions

One of our specialties is working with New & Used Dealerships. Our understanding of the dealer needs combined with outstanding customer service makes us the right choice.


If you find yourself migrating between two locations on a yearly basis, we can make sure your car can handle the trip without the added mileage. Let us show you how easy it is.

Medium Duty & More

If you have an item that is perishable, breakable, valuable (cost or sentimental value), or an awkward size that needs to handled with extreme care – call us; we are specialists in the transportation of these types of items


Need to move your vehicle in a hurry – possibly in the same day? You can feel at ease and have your car picked up on the exact date of your move within 12-72 hours.